Apocaloops now!


L2 is the world's first double-looping water-slide. It is the most extreme and intense water-slide that there is. And it's waiting for you to conquer it, at the Wave in Wörgl. 

But be careful: L2 is nothing for wimps, wusses and chickens!

Imagine that you are shut into the starting capsule at a height of 25 m. Your heart is hammering and there is a queasy feeling in your stomach. Water is trickling down your back; the countdown is running. Then the trapdoor opens and you plunge 14m downward, almost in free-fall. You only feel a massive force tearing you downward and shooting you through the loops at up to 65 km/h. You overcome gravity twice; you can only see the whirling red of the pipes. Suddenly there is a 180° change of direction! And after 12 seconds of speed-rush you brake to a stop in shallow water.

Scared yet?

L2. The Features



  • rocket launch at a height of 25 m
  • 14 m almost free fall
  • up to 65 km/h top speed
  • two spectacular loops
  • 129 m long
  • highest safety standards (supervision by operator, video monitoring, escape hatch)
  • permitted for people from 14 years of age (photo ID checked at the till)
  • minimum weight: 45 kg
  • maximum weight:130 kg
  • The person sliding must be entirely healthy - pregnant women are not allowed to slide on L2.

L2. The Distinction


The renowned travel portal Restplatzbörse places the L2 among the "best water-slides in the world". You can find the complete blog entry at: