Adventure pool & open-air pool

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Warming rays of sunlight on bare skin, flowing movements in the cool water and the motion of the waves which have become the heartbeat of our pool. Our guests also adore relaxing in our Bathai spa and Isla Sola health zone and racing down our thrilling water slides.

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Bathai – tropical spa

Our Bathai spa is a small corner of traditional Thailand in Tyrol, a place where relaxation for all the senses awaits. You can also work out in our sports facilities and relax in our rest rooms and heat cabins.

Included in the adventure pool

L2 – double-looping water slide

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Or for the most extreme water slide in the whole of Tyrol? Then look no further because we have the world's first double-looping water slide.

Included in the adventure pool & Sauna Residence

Isla Sola – active sole brine bath & salt spray

Immerse yourself in our world of salt, Isla Sola. Feel the saltwater on your skin, luxuriate under a rainforest shower and relax in our salt galleries.

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Sauna Residence of the Romans

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We can transport you back to ancient times without a time machine. Whether it's enjoying a stone-dousing ceremony in the Circus Maximus or cooling off in the Roman bath, in our Sauna Residence relaxation is a truly memorable experience. Feel your humdrum routine melt away as you immerse yourself in a world of tranquillity and wellbeing.