L2. Technical Standards

L2 is an absolute high-tech product: its shaped parts meet the highest technical standards and are made of fibre-glass-reinforced artificial resin in a modular design.
The riding surface of the slide is absolutely smooth, free of pores, UV-resistant and resistant against chlorine. The acceleration strip and the two loops are made wet with water supplied via nozzles.

L2. Maximum Safety

Important: L2 is not only the most spectacular but also the safest water slide. The start is monitored and triggered by an employee and there is also video monitoring for the individual areas.

Individual sensors constantly monitor the position of the slider and immediately block the start if somebody does not make one of the loops. In this case, one can leave the slide via an escape hatch and return to the slide tower via a gangway.

Preconditions of being allowed to use the slide include a minimum height of 1.30 m and a bodyweight between 45 and 130kg. Children of less than 14 years of age are entirely forbidden from the slide (photographic ID check at the till!)

The person sliding must be completely healthy - pregnant women are not allowed on L2.